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Our hope for this site is that it will provide all the information that you need to understand your options, if any, in immigration to the USA. US immigration law is complex. It is also non-intuitive. Therefore you need a resource to translate between the law and regulations and your desires to relocate to the US permanently, to immigrate to the US, to emigrate from your country. This website is going to be that resource.

We plan to comprehensively cover all aspects of US immigration. First, we will set out the basics, and then build on those. Once we have a good framework established here, we will cover topical aspects of US immigration law, how they relate to the basic law and what they mean in terms of making it easier or harder to move to the US.

Once we get everything up and going, we will seek your input, and possibly accept guest articles/contributions that relate to the US immigration law. If you have something to share let us know.

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